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Educators face many challenges: decreasing disciplinary tools, shifting attitudes of parents, and an instant-gratification minded generation of students are some of the difficulties educators have to overcome daily.

Further, schools are employing Teachers who are subject matter experts but do not have any formal teaching training or experience. These Teachers, while being very knowledgeable in their field of expertise, have limited classroom and student management skills.


Establishing Discipline

Make it clear that you expect the highest discipline of your Students in class and in life.

Building Character

Include direction and positivity in your lessons via positive reinforcement and normalising mistakes.

Fostering High Academic Standards

Train your Students to hold themselves to a higher academic standard and to be proud of their work.

Engaging Students

Build positive and rigorous engagement in your class and keep your Students on their toes.

Delivery of Lessons

Deliver your lessons to inspire whilst constantly assessing your Students’ level of understanding.


Plan to achieve your learning objectives whilst allowing your Students to absorb their lessons.
“Teacher Kean gave us maximum insight on child care and discipline. He delved into the psychological aspects which really helps Teachers understand the value of teaching. It was an excellent workshop!”


Academic Coordinator

Teacher Kean

Teacher Kean is a Parenting Expert and a Teacher Trainer. As a licensed headmaster and HRDF Accredited trainer, he has helped hundreds of Parents and Teachers develop stronger relationships with their children.

Teacher Kean teaches crucial Parenting techniques, skills and philosophies in public events and seminars. He also offers private coaching sessions for individual families.
Message him directly on WhatsApp.
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