For Parents

Modern parents face many challenges: children are adopting a dangerous instant-gratification mentality and they are more emotional. These are some of the difficulties parents have to overcome daily.

Furthermore, modern parents are required to perform more than one role. 

In many families, both parents have to work in stressful and demanding environments.

When the well-being of parents are compromised, the attitudes and happiness of their Children are sure to suffer.

Parenting Skills

Establishing Discipline

Help your Children understand that discipline is a vital component of success and happiness in their lives.

Nurturing Characters

Reinforce positivity and direction in your Child’s life. Teach them that growth and progression is the cornerstone of well-being.

Improving Studies

Motivate your Child to strive for academic and work excellence. Help them understand it is ultimately for their own benefit.


Praise Appropriately

Positive reinforcement is a helpful and effective tool.

It helps us to educate our children.

Know What to Do

Tell our children to do what is required.

As opposed to what NOT to do.
He is not only an expert in Parenting Workshops, but mainly he is truly sincere doing it. One will feel warmth and assured by his kind and honest approach.

Nonie Harun

Educator & Trainer

Teacher Kean

Teacher Kean is a Parenting Expert and a Teacher Trainer. As a licensed headmaster and HRDF Accredited trainer, he has helped hundreds of Parents and Teachers develop stronger relationships with their children.

Teacher Kean teaches crucial Parenting techniques, skills and philosophies in public events and seminars. He also offers private coaching sessions for individual families.
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